Non-GMO Pork

Hogs Coming From Local Family Farms (Hormone Free)

Hog pricing is subject to change due to market pricing. 

We have whole, and half available for purchase, providing you with options to suit your needs and preferences.  Please call to place your whole or half order. (Cut to your specifications). The whole price is $2.18/lb X hanging weight and that includes the cut wrap and freeze. The half price is $2.20/lb X the hanging weight and that also includes the cut wrap and freeze. *Curing and smoking are an additional charge. 

Pork Cooked Ribs 2
Pork Ribs

Do You Have Your Own Hog You Would Like Processed Custom?

We Are A  Fully Licensed ODA Meat Inspected Facility

At Miller’s Custom Meats, we offer custom-processed hogs year-round to ensure you have access to high-quality meat whenever you desire. Whether you’re looking for specific cuts, special processing requests, or simply want to enjoy the freshest pork possible, our dedicated team is here to cater to your preferences and deliver the finest hog products, no matter the season. Enjoy the convenience of custom-processed hog, ensuring your culinary adventures are never limited by the calendar. Custom Processing pricing is as follows:

Harvest fee-$60

Cut, Wrap & Freeze -$0.60/lb x's hanging weight

Bulk Sausage - $0.45/lb

Patty Making - $0.45/lb

Sausage Links - $1.00/lb

Breakfast Sausage Links - $1.50/lb

Smoked Stuffed Sausage Links - $0.90/lb

Cure & Smoke - $1.20/lb

*Steaks and Roast are vacume sealed & Sausage is tube wrapped in one or two pound packages

We understand processing hogs with precision and expertise is of paramount importance to ensure the quality and safety of the meat products you enjoy. At Miller’s Custom Meats, we play a crucial role in adhering to strict hygiene and safety standards, guaranteeing that the pork is free from contaminants and pathogens. Furthermore, at Miller’s Custom Meats, we can expertly butcher and package the meat, optimizing its freshness and flavor. This attention to detail ensures that consumers can confidently savor pork products that are not only delicious but also safe and wholesome, making Miller’s Custom Meats a key link in the farm-to-table journey.

Hog Cuts We Offer
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Pork Loin Boneless Chops- $3.37/lb

Pork Loin Whole- $2.74/lb

Pork Ribs

Pork Loin Tenderloin- $2.21/lb

Pork Loin Tenderloin 2

Pork Shl. Butt - $2.21/lb

Pork Butt

Pork Shl. Blade Steak - $3.05/lb

Pork Soup Bones - $0.53/lb

Pork Baby Back Ribs - $4.74/lb

Pork Cooked 4

Pork Spare Ribs - $2.21/lb

Pork Cooked Ribs

Lard - $2.53/lb

Lard 2

Pork Trim - $2.15/lb

Pork Sausage Fresh - $3.36/lb

Pork Sausage Vacuum Sealed - $3.68/lb

Pork Sausage Link - $4.11/lb

Pork Sausage Patties - $4.32/lb

Bratwurst Sausage Link - $4.53/lb

Brautwurst Sausage Link

Smoked Stuffed Sausage - $4.32/lb

Smoked Stuffed Sausage 2

Smoked Pork Breakfast Sausage - $4.58/lb

Sausages 2

Smoked Bacon Natural Wood Smoked - $6.32/lb

Smoked Pepper Bacon Natural Wood Smoked (Bacon with a black pepper taste) - $6.32/lb

Bacon Pepper
Speciality Sausage

Sweet Italian Sausage Fresh- $3.78/lb

Sweet Italian Sausage Link - $4.53/lb

Sweet Italian Sausage Vacumm Sealed (1lb or 2lb packages)- $4.10/lb

Hot Italian Sausage Link (Like it hot? This has a good red pepper flavor - $4.53/lb

Hot Italian Sausage Fresh- $3.78/lb

Hot Italian Sausage Patties - $4.63/lb

Hot Italian Sausage Vacuum Sealed (1lb or 2lb packages)- $4.10/lb

Sweet Italian Sausage Patties - $4.63/lb

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