Grass Started Non-GMO Grain Finished Beef

Beef Coming From Local Family Farms (Hormone Free)

Beef pricing is subject to change due to market pricing. All Steaks are dry aged a minimum of 14 days. 

We have whole, half, and quarter custom-cut packages available for purchase, providing options to suit your needs and preferences.  Please call to place your whole or half order. (Cut to your specifications). The whole price is $4.00/lb X hanging weight and that includes the cut wrap and freeze. The half price is $4.05/lb X the hanging weight, including the cut wrap and freeze. The quarter price is $4.10/lb X the hanging weight, including the cut wrap and freeze.  The quarter beef package below is normally in stock all the time. 

Beef Brisket
Beef Group 2
Ground Beef

Quarter Beef Package- $800.00

A great way to stock your freezer with Steaks and Hamburgers approx… 30lbs Steak and 70lbs of Hamburger. The quarter beef package includes the following below:

6 pcs. Ribeye -Boneless

4 pcs. New York Strip

2 pcs. Sirloin

4 pcs. Fillet

1 pcs. Brisket

3 pcs. Chuck Roast

70 lbs of Hamburger in 1lb packages

Do You Have Your Own Beef You Would Like Processed Custom?

We Are A  Fully Licensed ODA Meat Inspected Facility

At Miller’s Custom Meats, we offer custom-processed beef year-round to ensure you have access to high-quality meat whenever you desire. Whether you’re looking for specific cuts, special processing requests, or simply want to enjoy the freshest beef possible, our dedicated team is here to cater to your preferences and deliver the finest beef products, no matter the season. Enjoy the convenience of custom-processed beef, ensuring your culinary adventures are never limited by the calendar. Custom Processing pricing is as follows:

Harvest fee-$90

Cut, Wrap & Freeze -$0.60/lb x's hanging weight

Cut Stew Meat - $0.60/lb

Patty Making - $0.45/lb

Split in Halves or Quarters - $10.00 extra

*Steaks and Roast are vacume sealed & Hamburger tube wrapped in one or two pound packages

We understand the importance of processing grass-fed beef with care and attention. Proper processing is crucial to preserve the exceptional quality and natural flavors of grass-fed beef. At Miller’s Custom Meats, we ensure that the meat is handled with precision, minimizing stress to the animal, and adhering to ethical and sustainable practices. This results in beef that is not only healthier, as it’s leaner and typically higher in beneficial nutrients, but also tastier, with a richer, more complex flavor profile. By selecting Miller’s Custom Meats, you are not only supporting the welfare of the animals but also ensuring that you receive the highest quality grass-fed beef on your plate.

Beef Cuts We Offer
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Beef Rib-Eye Bonless- $15.77/lb

Cooked meat 9

Beef Loin T-Bone- $14.72/lb

Beef Loin Porterhouse- $15.77/lb

Cooked meat 3

Beef Loin New York Strip- $14.72/lb

Beef Loin New Yourk Strip Steak 2

Beef Rib-eye Roast (Prime Rib)- $13.67/lb

Beef Loin Tenderloin- $16.84/lb

Beef Loin Tenderloin 2

Beef Loin Sirloin Boneless- $9.77/lb

Beef Loin Bonless Sirloin Steak 1

Beef Rib-Short Ribs- $6.84/lb

Beef Round Top Round Steak- $7.89/lb

Beef Sirloin Tip- $7.89/lb

Beef Loin Sirloin Tip Roast

Beef Shoulder Chuck Roast- $6.31/lb

Beef Shoulder Arm Roast- $6.31/lb

Beef Shoulder Arm Roast

Beef Brisket- $6.84/lb

Beef Brisket

Beef Stew Meat Fresh- $6.30/lb

Beef Stew Meat Frozen- $6.50/lb

Beef Canning Steak Fresh- $5.78/lb

Beef Liver (Sliced pkg) - $2.10/lb

Beef Heart - $2.00/lbs

Beef tongue - $2.00/lbs

Beef Oxtail - $5.00/lbs

Ground Beef Fresh - $5.12/lb

Ground Beef

Ground Beef Vacumm Sealed - $5.70/lb

Ground Beef Patties (Drizzle your favorite steak rub on these patties to make a steak patty - $6.18/lb

Burger Square Flatten 1

Beef Trim - $4.36/lb

Call Today To Reserve Your Whole, Half Or Quarter Beef

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Call Today To Reserve Your Whole, Half Or Quarter Beef